Change in the Location Plans for the 2019 Elite Team Penning World Finals

The 2019 USTPA Elite Team Penning will once again be a featured class at the USTPA World Championships, this year to be hosted in Fort Worth, Texas November 5-10, 2019.

Previous plans to move the 2019 Elite Team Penning class to a unique show in September of this year have changed due to conflicts with numerous other shows and related events.

Plans are already in the works to host an expanded Elite World Championships in the summer of 2020 in Fort Worth, Texas, with even more added money and additional prizes. In addition to the Elite Team Penning, the 2020 event may also include the USYTPA Youth World Championships, giving our growing youth membership more opportunity with the summer date.

Stay tuned for future updates about the 2020 event. In the meantime, the 2019 Elite Team Penning World Finals is expected to be larger and more exciting for 2019, with more teams qualifying at all USTPA shows, and a more flexible draw program at Finals.

“Until last year the USTPA had never offered a single competition class with such a large amount of added money and payout in just one class” commented USTPA President Noah Sodrel. “With an estimated 500+ teams expected to enter the Elite Team Penning class at the 2019 USTPA World Finals, the Added Cash could exceed $50,000, depending on the total number of qualified teams that actually enter at the Finals.”

“$50,000 is just the Guaranteed Minimum Added Cash in the class, with the opportunity of adding up to $100,000” stressed Sodrel.

The total cash and prizes payout in the Elite Team Penning class at the 2018 USTPA World Championship Finals was in excess of $175,000, and that could grow to more than $200,000 in 2019.

The Elite Team Penning class pays the top 20 winning teams at the 2019 USTPA World Championships and is set as a #10 class with a full one-second handicap. Riders have been competing and are continuing to compete to qualify for the Elite Team Penning Finals at Local, Regional and World Championship Series shows throughout the 2019 USTPA competition season.