Elite Team Penning™ Class with $50,000 Guaranteed Added Cash at the World Championship Finals

By January 18, 2018 Elite Team Penning

The United States Team Penning Association, Inc. today announced the addition of an exciting new Team Penning class. The Elite Penning class will be offered at all local USTPA-sanctioned shows around the country, and will be a featured class at all USTPA World Championship Series shows.

With $50,000 Guaranteed Minimum Cash Added to the class, the payout at the World Championship Finals for the Elite Penning class alone is estimated to be more than $150,000 in cash and prizes.

“The USTPA has never offered a single Team Penning or Ranch Sorting class with such a large amount of added money and payout in just one class” commented USTPA President, Brian McClain. “USTPA riders are among the most accomplished and competitive in the sport of Team Penning and Ranch Sorting, and we want to reward their hard-work and dedication by offering another exciting Team Penning class with more cash payout, and even better prizes.”

“I’ve been involved in Team Penning for more than 25 years” added USTPA Executive Committee and Board Member David Rainey. “The Elite Penning class is the first USTPA numbered class that offers riders of all ages and skill levels the opportunity to compete for so much in cash and prizes in a single competition class.”

The Elite Penning class pays the top 20 winners at the World Championship Finals, and is set as a #10 class with a full one-second handicap, another new feature for a USTPA Team Penning class. Riders can compete to qualify for the Finals at local, regional and World Championship Series shows throughout the 2018 USTPA competition season. The amount of money that is added to the overall payout in the class at the World Championship Finals is $50,000, with the potential of adding a total of $100,000 depending on the total number of teams entered at the Finals.

About the USTPA. The United States Team Penning Association is a National Governing Body for the sports of Team Penning and Ranch Sorting. The USTPA was formed as a non-profit association in 1993 to promote Team Penning and Ranch Sorting across the United States and internationally, with standardized rules and a rider rating system designed to provide fair competition for beginners to experienced riders.