Meet Railside Jared Lesh, Region 2

You need look no further than any USTPA national production show to find one of the associations leading competitors, Jared Lesh. A fixture at most every major event, Jared is consistently among the top open riders in the USTPA and one of the most sought-after trainers in the sport. Recently relocated to an impressive new facility in Whitesboro, Texas, Jared and his wife Sarah are excited to expand their business and family in their new home in Region 2.

With the guidance of his grandfather, Hoss, Jared has been interested in competing with working horses since the age of ten. Spending much of his early life competing in events throughout the country, he gained a passion for finding and developing top quality working horses. Attracted to the skill, agility and teamwork required in team penning and ranch sorting, Jared has since focused his career on becoming the best in a sport rich in western heritage.

From his early years to now, Jared has amassed an impressive show record including, 4 AQHA World Championships, 1 AQHA Reserve World Championship, and 4 AQHYA World Championships. He has earned over 1,450 AQHA combined points and estimates that he has competed on over 150 horses. Jared has also found his fair share of success with the USTPA. He has also been the USTPA high money open rider 6 different years and is currently ranked the #1 Open Rider and top money-earner in the USTPA.

Together, Jared and Sarah have been actively promoting their horse sales business for more than five years and have found great success. Selling horses to loyal customers throughout the United States (45 States, including Hawaii), the Lesh's have also built a strong international following with sales in all provinces in Canada, Venezuela, Italy, Columbia, Mexico, Germany, and several parts of Europe. Lesh trained horses can probably be found anywhere you can find team penning and ranch sorting events, says Sarah Lesh.

The international market has also brought new friendships and business relationships to the Lesh's. Specifically, Jared has formed strong ties with USTPA riders in Venezuela, where team penning and ranch sorting are the most popular of all equine sporting competitions. Jared estimates that he has sold about 100 horses to his Venezuelan clients over the last year and sees that market as one of the key areas for growth of the USTPA in the future. "We can't overlook the importance of the Venezuelan market in ensuring the future of team penning and ranch sorting", said Jared. Jared is so committed to the success of the Venezuelan riders that at last year's USTPA finals in Amarillo, Texas, he hosted an on-site clinic with approximately 50 of his Venezuelan clients. The Senior Youth team from Venezuela that trained with Jared then went on to win the championship title at the show.

Creating successful youth riders is nothing new to Jared though. Whether working with his younger brothers, clients or novice youth at Regional shows, Jared is helping to develop our young riders and encouraging them in carrying on the traditions of ranch sorting and team penning. Through kind words and patience, Jared enjoys coaching young riders to success and helping them in finding suitable horses to take them to achieving even higher goals. Focused on encouraging the youth of the USTPA, Jared regularly rides with youth teams at regional and national shows.

Having just moved to a spacious new facility with some 100 stalls, a covered arena and on-site cattle, Jared looks forward to offering even more group clinics and private lessons. "We have pens set-up and are training daily so we welcome visitors to stop by anytime", says Jared.

For more information on Jared Lesh, visit www.JaredLesh.com