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By April 6, 2020 April 8th, 2020 General

2020 Fort Worth Cowtown Showdown Rescheduled

Due to the on-going COVID -19 issues in Texas and around the country, the USTPA has rescheduled the 2020 Cowtown Showdown to August 21-23, 2020 in the John Justin Arena at the Will Rogers Memorial Center complex in Fort Worth, Texas. More details on the show including the show flyer will be posted on in the coming weeks.

2020 USTPA Show Schedule & the Effects of COVID-19 on Show Scheduling

In the ever-changing COVID-19 environment and with all the restrictions in place nationally, and by state, we never know for certain what circumstances may change that will affect upcoming USTPA shows.

While Calgary Alberta, Canada has (eff. 04-03-2020) canceled all public events through June 30th, no state or municipality in the United States has currently placed restrictions on public gatherings that would impact the next scheduled USTPA World Championship Series show (Mile High Shootout). However, we recognize the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak are serious and the restriction mandates ever-changing. We are continuing to monitor announcements daily to ensure we are able to provide the most up-to-date show information to all USTPA members.

The local sanctioned shows will continue to be updated and re-set on the events schedule as determined by the event producers, and we will notify all members of any change when such changes are required.

The 2020 competition season has obviously been condensed and substantial unpredictability remains and will for a yet undetermined time. However, once applicable restrictions are lifted and the environment is safe we want to give all members the opportunity to get out and enjoy some great team penning and ranch sorting competition and re-engage in the year-end points races. Therefore, the USTPA still has four (with a possible 5th being considered) World Championship Series shows and five Regional Finals shows planned in the remaining 2020 season.

As of the date of this update, the following is current information regarding the USTPA World Championship and Regional Finals events for 2020.


2020 World Championship Series Shows

June 26-28:  Mile High Shootout – Loveland, Colorado

With the rescheduling of the Cowtown Showdown, the next USTPA World Championship Series show is scheduled at The Ranch – Larimer County Events Complex June 26-28, 2020. This year marks the third consecutive year for the USTPA Mile High Shootout. There will be some special activity announcements made in the coming weeks regarding this event, and the show flyer will also be posted soon.

July 10-12:  Keystone Arena Pen & Sort – Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania

The site of the 2019 Region 8 Regional Finals, the Keystone Arena is a beautiful facility located in eastern Pennsylvania, less than 3 hours from Philadelphia and New York City. The 2020 show will be the first-ever World Championship Series show at the Keystone Arena, and the first World Championship Series show in Region 8 in many years.

August 21-23:  Cowtown Showdown – Fort Worth, Texas

Rescheduled from the usual May date, the 2020 Cowtown Showdown will be held in the John Justin Arena and features a new title sponsor for 2020.

September 4-6:  Lazy E Labor Day Pen & Sort – Guthrie, Oklahoma

The USTPA is back at the Lazy E Arena for 2020, this year on a much more convenient Labor Day weekend date.


2020 Regional Finals

Even though the 2020 competition season has already been substantially shortened, the USTPA Regional Finals are still being scheduled. Current plans for the 2020 Regional Finals include full national support from the USTPA to include video, live-streaming and much more. Additional details will be announced soon.


2020 World Championship Finals

The 2020 World Championship Series Finals is scheduled for October 25-31 in Amarillo, Texas. The schedule for the 2020 Finals will include daily 8am start times with an early evening end to each competition day so everyone can get out and enjoy time with family and friends. All Team Penning classes will be held in the Amarillo National Center, with Ranch Sorting classes in the adjoining Bill Cody arena. More details along with some exciting special activity announcements will be coming in the very near future.


Qualifying – 2020 World Championship Finals

The USTPA office has received numerous questions about whether the current qualification requirements for the 2020 USTPA World Championship Finals will be reduced given the already shortened season and remaining unpredictability for future 2020 qualifying shows. The USTPA Board of Directors is clearly aware of the substantial interruption to the 2020 show schedule due to the on-going restrictions that are a part of the COVID-19 pandemic. A final decision regarding any updates to the 2020 qualifying requirements will be announced in the near future.