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Welcome Producer!

Please complete the form below to submit your event.

You’ve made a good choice sanctioning your event with USTPA and we appreciate your support!

  • With USTPA, your event is governed by the most respected and proven rules in the sports of Team Penning and Ranch Sorting.
  • With USTPA, ratings are assigned according to the rider’s ability and effectiveness with their mount.
  • You are provided a list of suspended persons from USTPA in order to keep you fully informed of individuals who have received a disciplinary action from the association or have a history of fiscal difficulty.
  • USTPA rules provide you with information about how to assign a Director-In-Charge for your USTPA-sanctioned event. The Director-In-Charge takes the burden of interpreting the rules and handling competition disputes off the shoulders of the Event Producers, allowing them to focus on their productions.
  • Get the most current and accurate information about your show to USTPA members through a variety of USTPA communications materials including free show calendars at, and on USTPA’s Facebook And Instagram pages.

For questions and additional information, you should contact the Chairman of the USTPA Production Quality and Control committee or one of your Regional Directors. If you have any other questions, please contact the USTPA Administrative Office at 817-599-4455 or email

Thank you for working with and supporting the USTPA!
Sincerely, United States Team Penning Association



  1. Sanctioning must be approved no later than 30 days prior to your proposed event.
  2. An Event Producer’s Application & Contract must be filled out for each individual show; multiple shows will not be accepted on one request form.
  3. All standard USTPA classes are subject to change. This Sanctioning Application and Contract may be updated from time-to-time to reflect the latest Team Penning and Ranch Sorting classes or other information.
  4. No show flyer that represents the show as a USTPA-sanctioned event may be published and distributed until the USTPA has audited the flyer and authorized its distribution.
  5. Unless otherwise agreed to in advance and in writing by the USTPA, Event Producers must utilize the Sort Arena show software to run all USTPA- sanctioned events. For additional information about Sort Arena, to purchase the software or receive training please contact the USTPA National office.

USTPA rules have been designed to improve the images of Team Penning and Ranch Sorting, provide increased standardized flexibility to independent Event Producers as appropriate and increase participation overall. You may call on your Regional Directors or the National Office for suggestions to help you produce the most successful event possible. USTPA offers numbered classes, but Special Sanctioning may also be requested.

The following are standard USTPA Team Penning classes:

All-Pro | Open Handicap | #19 | #16 HC Elite | #12 | #9 w/ #6 Incentive | #14 Masters | Jr. Youth| Sr. Youth

The following are standard USTPA Ranch Sorting classes:

All-Pro | Open Handicap | #13 Elite | #9 | #6 | Jr. Youth | Sr. Youth

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